Please read the controls as they include mechanics vital to completing later levels on harder difficulties.

- A and D to move left and right
- Space to jump
- Release space early to do a shorter jump
- Falling off a platform without jumping allows you to do one jump in midair

Newgrounds link:

Latest patch notes:

"Your name is Mia, you just came to in a dilapidated basement and see next to you a box with a shipping label addressed to a "Miander Manor". You have yet to hear of such a place and the spelling makes you skeptical it even exists. All you know is you need to get out.

Now hurry and make your way to the surface, and whatever you do, Don't meander!"

Created for the Untitled Game Jam #45

Please keep in mind this is my first game, feedback is GREATLY appreciated

Programming by @Flopson21 (myself)
Art by @Sp0onfulls

Development log


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Ay made it through three times but got stuck and died too many times lmao. Good game though wish I had patients to finish it.